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Dane Sven Topham

Welcome to DS Designs

My Name Is Dane Topham. You will find me in Johannesburg where I am currently working in one of the fastest growing industry know to mankind – digital design. Being a creative thinker and an artist it was a natural progression for me to choose my line of work as we live in a technologically rich environment.


I went to college to study the field of graphic design, where I have acquired a broad knowledge base and skill set that allows me to create brand identities by observing market trends, exploiting innovation and merging them with the vision you have for your company. The outcome of this will be a stylish, elegant and modern image for your brand. In a nutshell, I communicate the ideas of my clients through images and layouts.


Working in a fast passed, ever evolving industry it is a priority for me to keep up with the trends, keep an open mind and to be eager to learn at all times.


I enjoy building ongoing and meaningful business relationships with my clients, providing them with a reliable and personal service.


If you are interested in my services [contact me]

“ design is where science and art break even” – Robin Mathew